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Aide Memoire is meant to be performed.  It was recorded live and now it’s meant to be promoted as a live experience.  So many factors thwart our ability to bring the show to each of you, but rather than harp on those (all of which I can’t control), I’d rather utilize the few tools I do have.  This blog being one of them. 

For those of you who couldn’t attend our last few shows, here’s a little taste.

Above is an audio recording of a live solo acoustic performance of “Sour” from Buddie’s Tavern in Parlin, NJ on 11/12/11. 

A week later The Veeries and I performed in Philadelphia at North Star Bar.  It came to our attention that two fans were waiting for us outside the club.  They had drove all the way down from Brooklyn, NY and were bummed that they couldn’t get into the show.  They weren’t 21 and their fake IDs weren’t convincing enough.  We felt bad, so we invited them to get out of the cold and did a quick acoustic performance for them in our van.  We played two songs: “When I Grow Up” and “Sour.”  Below is a video of the former that James took.  Only bummer is that the video file was flawed.  As you’ll notice, the audio doesn’t match the video and there’s an annoying film projector effect going through it.  Still, I thought it was worth sharing.  Thanks to our Brooklyn fans for coming. 

Also, here’s some more from the Philly show.


When I Grow Up in the van
Get On With It
Decadent Decline

Trevor Moyer

01 When I Grow Up (Prologue)
02 Expecting
03 Leave Yourself Alone
04 Decadent Decline
05 E.S.T.
06 Wooly Mammoths
07 Galoshes On A Sunny Day
08 Don’t Wanna Go Home
09 A Punch
10 High Noon
11 Sour
Encore: Get On With It

Thanks to everyone who came out.

How are we doing with those DC tickets?  Come see us at Jammin Java on Dec 4.  Get your tickets here.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Be safe.


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